A Professional Santa Claus

Invite a Professional Santa Claus to Your Next Event!

Santa's Visit with 2 young boys

Samta showing magic dust to child

Qualified by Above Organizations...

  • Founding Member and Moderator of Society of Santa
  • Member of International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas (IBRBS)
  • Santa Claus Oath
  • Graduated from St. Nicholas Institute
  • Member of Knights of St. Nicholas
  • Lead Instructor at North Pole Santa School

Other Qualifications...

  • Real Bearded Santa
  • Active Santa Claus since 1999
  • Visits with Hundreds of Children Every Year
  • Available Year–Round
  • Custom–Made Outfits
  • Performance Liability Insurance *
  • Annual Background Report *
  • Drug Tests if Requested
  • Annual Flu shot
  • Experienced Commercial Event Santa
  • Experienced Home Visit Santa
  • Experienced Parade Santa
  • Experienced Commercial Video Santa
  • Experienced Mall Santa
  • Experienced Event Organizer & Promoter
  • Author of “North Pole Santa Claus Guide” (Available on Amazon.com)

       * Copies available upon request