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Santa's Visit with 2 young boys during a restaurant event

Samta showing magic dust to child

Qualified by These Organizations...

  1. Founding Member and Moderator of Society of Santa
  2. Member of International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas (IBRBS)
  3. Santa Claus Oath
  4. Graduated from St. Nicholas Institute
  5. Member of Knights of St. Nicholas
  6. Lead Instructor at North Pole Santa School

Other Qualifications...

  • Real Bearded Santa
  • Active Santa Claus since 1999
  • Visits with Hundreds of Children and Adults Every Year
  • Available Year–Round
  • Custom–Made Outfits
  • Performance Liability Insurance *
  • Annual Background Report *
  • Drug Tests if Requested
  • Annual Flu shot
  • Experienced Commercial Event Santa
  • Experienced "On–Stage" Santa Claus
  • Experienced Home Visit Santa
  • Experienced Parade Santa
  • Experienced TV and Commercial Santa
  • Experienced Mall Santa
  • Experienced Event Organizer & Promoter
  • Author of “North Pole Santa Claus Guide
    (Available on

       * Copies available upon request