How and Why to host your own 5–Star Santa School


Why should you do it?

A North Pole Santa School is a unique opportunity for a group of your local Santas, Mrs. Claus, Elves and other Christmas characters to join together for a quality 2–day learning experience from an experienced, professional Santa Claus.

How does it work?

The concept is very simple — the teacher (me, Santa John Chilson) comes to you for a two–day class anytime through October. You do the organizing and promotion and save money and travel time. 10 to 20 students are a good size with no more than 24 students. This also helps keep the costs low for everyone.

What does it cost?

I charge $50 per student with a minimum of $500.00. 

In addition, you are responsible for my travel expenses (airfare, hotel, meals, taxi), school location rental, school promotion, school snacks and lunch, and student's books. 

There are ways you can reduce these expenses — someone can pick me up at the airport, someone may invite me to stay in their guest bedroom, someone may invite me for a meal. All these things will save money for all the students.

A Checklist

Here is a list of what should happen to make your school a success. Don’t be put off because it looks like a big job. It really isn’t and I will help you any way I can. Just ask.

 1. Contact other Santas in your area (within 250 miles) about scheduling a North Pole Santa School.

  • Are they interested?
  • What are some good dates?
  • What would be a good location?
  • What can be done to reduce expenses?

2. Contact me to “pencil” in your date on my calendar.
Phone: 303–923-8918
Email: John@NorthPole.Marketing

3. Reserve your location.

  • Private room?
  • Restrooms nearby?
  • Can they cater breaks and lunch?
  • Restaurants nearby?

4. Calculate your registration cost to cover your expenses

  • John’s cost — $50 per student, minimum $500
  • John’s travel expenses — to and from both airports, meals and lodging for 3 nights — I will arrive the afternoon the day before the first day of classes and leave the morning after the second day of classes.
  • Cost of class text books — $10 each (includes cost of shipping direct to your location)
  • Location rental
  • Catering for morning and afternoon snacks and lunch both days
  • Promo expense (if any)

5. Start taking registrations for students. I can email you a form. You should collect a 50% non–refundable retainer with each registration.

6. Let me know when you are ready to commit and I will email you a contract and an invoice for the $250 retainer. Once this is paid your date is locked in unless you need to change it and I’m available at your new date. However, the retainer is non–refundable if you later cancel completely.

7. Post the date and location and cost of your North Pole Santa School on various Facebook pages. I can help you with this.

8. Order copies of “North Pole Santa Claus Guide” from me at $10 per copy (Includes shipping, price is discounted from the $39.95 cover price). Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

9. Coordinate with me on travel arrangements. You will make and pay for the final reservations for air travel and hotel. I travel from Longmont, Colorado and fly out of Denver Airport.

Cost Work Sheet

Here is a worksheet to help you estimate the total cost of the school and the registration fee you should charge.

  1. Direct Student Expenses
    Number of Students: ________
    X Cost per Student:        $50.00 (Minimum $500)
    = Instructor's Fee: __________
    * Book Cost per Student :     $10.00
    = Cost for Books: __________
  2. Instructor's Travel Expenses
    Roundtrip Airfare from Denver, Colorado: __________
    Taxi to and from airport at both locations: __________
    Hotel for 3 Nights: __________
  3. Instructor's Meal Expenses
    Day 1 Dinner: __________
    Day 2 Breakfast: __________
    Day 2 Lunch: Included at School
    Day 2 Dinner: __________
    Day 3 Breakfast: __________
    Day 3 Lunch: Included at School
    Day 3 Dinner: __________
    Day 4 Breakfast: __________
    Day 4 Lunch: Depends on travel schedule
  4. Fixed School Expenses
    * School Location Rental: __________
  5. Variable School Expenses
    * Day 1 Morning Break: __________ per person
    * Day 1 Lunch: __________ per person
    * Day 1 Afternoon Break:  __________ per person
    * Day 2 Morning Break: __________ per person
    * Day 2 Lunch: __________ per person
    * Day 2 Afternoon Break: __________ per person
    * Promotion Costs, if any (Facebook is free): __________
  6. Registration Fee per Student
    Total of All Expenses: ____________
    Divided by Number of Students = Estimated Registration Fee: __________
    Round up to the nearest $5 or $10 to cover incidental, unexpected expenses = Final Registration Fee: __________

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