An Experienced and Professional Storyteller & Speaker

John's Stories are From His Own Experiences

  • Over 40 years experience working in the US., Great Britain, France, Germany and Holland
  • Helped over 200 companies improve their marketing, fulfillment, customer service and computer systems
  • Keynote speaker and instructor at over 50 one and two–day seminars on marketing and fulfillment in cities across the United States
  • Professional Santa Claus since 1999
  • Author of 5 business books:
    North Pole Marketing — Available on
    North Pole Santa Claus Guide,  2nd Edition, Helping You Develop YOUR Santa — Available July 1, 2018 on
    Circulation for Fun and Profit  — For magazine publishers, copies sold in many countries and translated into Swedish, now out of print
    A Beginner’s Guide to Circulation Management  — For magazine publishers, now out of print
  • Author of 2 Christian books
    Running With God — Available on
    On The First Christmas Day — Available on