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John's Stories are From His Own Experiences

  • Over 40 years experience working in the US., Great Britain, France, Germany and Holland
  • Helped over 200 companies improve their marketing, fulfillment, customer service and computer systems
  • Keynote speaker and instructor at over 50 one and two–day seminars on marketing and fulfillment in cities across the United States
  • Invited speaker at Rotary, Kiwanis, MOPS and other groups
  • Professional Santa Claus since 1999

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Author of 7 Books

North Pole Marketing

North Pole Marketing (The Book) by John M. Chilson

This is the book that started North Pole Marketing. It contains 52 short 1-page chapters. Each page has one of Santa's secrets for successful marketing, fulfillment and customer service. 

Available in paperback and for Kindle.

Review: John Chilson has captured a vast number of marketing truths, giving us a simple way to grasp each one through the Santa Claus tradition. Instead of coals in our stockings, we find nuggets of gold. Best of all, we are not left to wade through a mountain of words to find the treasure. It's all right there on the surface, ready to review again and again to keep us refreshed and alert.

Available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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North Pole Santa Claus Guide

North Pole Santa Claus Guide, 2nd Edition

Helping You Develop YOUR Santa, 2nd Edition

This is the official text book for the North Pole Santa School. 

Review: John is very knowledgeable and presents the information in an easy to understand  method.

Available online at Amazon.

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Running With God

Running With God by John M. Chilson

My journey to find God's love, forgiveness and faithfulness. Over 30 chapters, some heavy, some light, some short, some longer, but all will give you something to think about. Chapters should be read randomly, one-at-a-time so that you can let them percolate in your mind.

Review: If you're new to Christianity, checking it out for the first time, or looking to renew your faith, this is a great book. It's a collection of down-to-earth glimpses into the spiritual life of one man and how God has molded him. It's an easy and fun read, but does ask probing questions. If you want to get closer to God, I'm sure you'll find something here that will encourage you, challenge you, and help you along the way. 

Available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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On The First Christmas Day

On The First Christmas Day by John M. Chilson

A singable poem with pictures. Share with children the true story of the first Christmas, the birth of the baby Jesus and why we place a star or angel on our Christmas tree.

Available online at Amazon.

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Circulation for Fun and Profit


A “how–to” book on marketing, advertising and more for magazine circulation managers. Hard cover, first published in 1992, now out of circulation. Translated into Swedish in 1995. Now out of print.