Nothing Creates Excitement Like a Visit From Santa Claus!

Invite Santa to be part of your next event and enjoy the fun he brings. 

Santa is available year round for commercial events, non-profit events, home visits, church presentations, photo sessions, weddings, commercials and more.

Schedule Your Santa Event Early
Santa tells stories to children and adults

Either Santa Claus or
Bishop Nicholas of Myra (St. Nicholas)
is available year round
for many types of events and activities.

Visit and enjoy Santa's website at NorthPoleSantaClaus.Christmas

Find Out More About Scheduling a visit from Santa Claus
Santa at a retail event

  • Retail events featuring a visit with Santa Claus
  • Home visits any time of the year
  • Hospital and hospice visits
  • On stage programs
  • Special sales events
  • Presentations to church groups, business groups and other groups
  • Filming of promotional videos and commercial advertising
  • Advent and Christmas worship services
  • Christmas oriented activities any time of the year
  • Delivery of special gifts (engagement rings, new cars, etc.) by Santa Claus

Watch Videos of Santa in Action
Santa peeking at two small children

Santa does not usually participate in activities that do not include children

or that include alcohol unless they are fund-raising or business events.

Santa does not participate in any activity where there is smoking inside the same location.

Santa volunteers or reduces his fees for many events that help children. For other events there will be a fee to help defray his costs for activities. 

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