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I help owners, CEO's and leaders of small, medium and large–size businesses and organizations by being an experienced and confidential sounding–board for their ideas, opportunities and problems. 

I teach groups the concepts of North Pole Marketing, Santa's Secrets for successful marketing, fulfillment and customer service. 

I have been told that I am "Old School!" Great! 

I embrace that idea because to my way of thinking, "Old School" includes being honest, faithful, confidential, efficient, embracing and integerity!

Being "Old School" does NOT mean being "Old Fashioned" or out of touch with today's world. I'll match my years of social marketing, my understanding of computers, my hands–on international business and marketing experience with almost anyone. 

I served on the Board of Directors of non–profit organizations. I have a Phd. from the School of Hard Knocks with a Major in Hands–On Experience at campuses in London, Cologne, Paris, Amsterdam, New York City, Chicago, Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, Denver and more.

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Running with God


I meet with others to discuss living with Christ. I am confidential and I know the Bible pretty well. I struggle to walk with Jesus every day, just like many others.

Besides one–on–one conversations, I teach Sunday School classes on Matthew, Acts, Running with God and more. 

I am an ordained Deacon in the United Presbyterian Church. My wife and I have been active in 12 denominations.

I am not conservative, liberal or independent. I try to simply follow where Jesus leads me. I don't judge and I ask that you don't judge me. Let's leave judging to God, shall we?

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Talking, as least the first hour, doesn't cost anything, so let's do it. Call me, text me, email me or use the contact button below.

Call or Text: 720-545-7666

Email: John@NorthPole.Marketing
Notice the DOT before Marketing. It is NOT dot–com

If you want to visit me personally, offer to buy me coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner and I'm happy to meet and talk with you. I'm in Longmont, Colorado, only an hour's drive north of Denver.

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