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Santa groupies pose for a picture

These are some of the activities that Santa will enjoy with children (and adults) at your event. The exact sequence and which activities Santa uses are normally selected “on the fly” based on the situation, the size of the group and the time available. 

You may request a specific activity be included or left out by contacting Santa at least one day before the event. 

Note: the time shown after each activity is only approximate and will vary depending upon the group.

  1. Santa tells about growing up and how he became “Santa Claus” (5 - 10 minutes)
    Note: This activity explains the Christian history of Santa Claus.  
    You must specifically request that Santa NOT include this activity or it may be included.
  2. Santa explains how his “Magic Christmas Key” unlocks any door on Christmas Eve while the key is passed around by the children (5 minutes)
  3. Santa and the children play the “What would he/she NOT  like for Christmas?” game (10-15 minutes)
  4. Santa checks and updates the “Nice List” (5-15 minutes)
  5. Santa leads singing of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” (5 minutes)
  6. Santa tells the story of how he met the reindeer and explains why he doesn’t use alligators or elephants to pull the sleigh (10 minutes)
  7. Santa explains why carrots are bad for reindeer (5 minutes)
  8. Santa has children shake the magic Reindeer Bells and explains how they help Santa keep on schedule while delivering toys  (5 minutes)
  9. Santa tells the “True Story About Rudolph” (10 minutes)
  10. Santa leads singing of “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer” (5 minutes)
  11. Santa tells how he met and married Mrs. Claus (10 minutes)
  12. Santa explains that we have an angel or star on top of our Christmas Trees to remind us of the angels and star of Bethlehem when Jesus was born (5-10 minutes) Note: This activity ties the birth of Jesus to the celebration of Christmas.
    You must specifically request that Santa NOT include this activity or it may be included.
  13. Santa answers any and all questions children have about Santa, the North Pole and the elves (10-15 minutes)

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