North Pole Santa School Is Cancelled Until Further Notice — See details below.

Santa John Chilson

North Pole Santa School Is Cancelled Until Further Notice


I have a growing concern about the corona virus and about the 2020 Santa season. The odds are getting greater that this year may be drastically different, reduced or even eliminated.

Consequently I will not be teaching any Santa schools this year, either in Colorado or traveling to other locations. However, I will always make myself available to talk to any Santa, Mrs. Claus or Elf who is serious about improving their Christmas activities. This can be by phone, Skype or DUO.  Use the "Contact Form" to schedule a conversation with me. 

Note: When we talk, it will help if you already have a copy of my book, "North Pole Santa Claus Guide, 2nd Edition (Red Cover)."  Available on Amazon — CLICK HERE

While I am still signing event contracts and accepting retainer payments, those payments are going into a savings account against the possibility of having to return the payment because of events cancelled by conditions over which the sponsor has no control. 

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